Blade Parallels in Rowing

Faster Masters Rowing Radio – the podcast for masters rowers. Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe on how to get your oars parallel while rowing and sculling,

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01:15 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing. article published on tactics for selecting masters crews for regattas–Tactics-for-Selecting-Masters-Lineups-for-Regattas/
07:00 World Cup 3

09:00 Carrying boats

Should we expect everyone to carry their weight or are boats too heavy for older women? How much does 1 person’s share of the boat weight? Functional strength for rowing requirement is to do 30 lbs overhead press.
Menopausal women can gain strength as can all humans of whatever age.
Rowing culture – share how we do things round here.

21:00 Troubleshooting blade parallels.

How much can be adjusted with boat set-up and how much is about athlete height / arms / torso / leg dimensions?
You do not all have to be rigged the same way.
Use all available adjustments to get the blades parallel.
58-60cm behind the pin in sweep
30 – 35 degrees from the pin in sculling (or 1-1.5 fist widths between the handles at the finish).
26:00 Slip at the catch also affects catch parallels.
Compared to rowing it in this is also very challenging to improve and overcome.
The rule for making parallels adjustments
FIRST equipment
SECOND rigging
THIRD bladework
32:00 Rowing with someone physically stronger than yourself.
Adapt both of your strokes to meet in the middle. Try to blend based on your capabilities.
Look at loading on the foot stretcher.
35:00 Use a pen and paper to work out the angles at the catch.
38:00 Taper to race week – take a rest day.
Taking good rest makes good sense – train on the same frequency as normal, but do less work. Your pain tolerance reduces if you aren’t rested.