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Transitioning out of winter

Welcome to March where our focus moves towards late winter training and preparation for head racing. How do rowers get and recover from repetitive strain injuries and some erg suspension drills to practice. Timestamps 03:25 What’s on for March in Faster Masters Rowing subscriptions? 06:29 Why be a coach? Marlene and Rebecca share their journey […]

Reflections on Head Season & Faster Masters

November is “off-season.” I know everyone’s hitting the winter training hard, but I just can’t. I am mentally and physically burnt out. All said, 2019 has been a big year for me in rowing even though I didn’t race a lot. Many firsts! My first indoor regatta–I crushed it! Got a “new-to-me” Fluidesign for my birthday-anniversary-Christmas-Valentines-Day-next-five-years. Now I […]

Rowing motivation in the winter months

Rowing motivation in the winter months

Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe set out their priorities for February training for masters rowers. Sponsors – this podcast would not be possible without our advertisers. Please visit their websites and buy their products. Prygl Rowing Camps – 2 events in July and August ideal prep for FISA World Masters 12 Week Head […]

Week 7: The RACE

Week 7: The RACE

Bucket List Check: Head of the Charles 2019 Months and months of training, and poof! Over in a flash. Three days back and there’s still much to process. I didn’t update during the regatta because I wanted to absorb the experience–and I needed to sleep at night. I did make this short video, the 7 Days […]