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    First step

    head race rowing, masters rowing, mens rowing four

    Getting ready to race takes a lot of practice. Fortunately come head racing season there are a lot of different events where you can practice …

    single scull masters rower

    At last you can start rowing on the water again. Your instincts tell you to seize your oars and row, rejoicing that erging is over …

    women 1x, masters rower, single scull

    What should you expect from your rowing as you age? These observations are from my experience and there certainly are variations between different people but …

    masters rowing eight

    Several listeners asked questions about oars and rigging for masters – specifically how long your sculling oars should be and what the ratio of outboard …

    womens rowing eight 8

    Masters rowers (you can become one when you turn 27) is one of the fastest growing membership groups of our sport. And yet masters rowers …

    replace scull grips

    How to put new grips on your sculls. Possibly the bit of boat maintenance most likely to make you laugh out loud. Discussion on capsizing …


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