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    setting rowing goals

    Satisfaction gained from rowing often comes from measuring progress Timestamps 02:00 This past week 06:00 British Rowing Plus magazine article by Rebecca Caroe Goals and …

    rowing athlete coach relationships

    How do you work with your coach and how do they work with you?What boundaries are there to the relationship?How to give and receive negative …

    Ageing Well webinar, how to row and age well

    A webinar by Faster Masters Rowing. How to manage the ageing process, the science of longevity and what affects your chronological and biological age.  With …

    State of masters rowing header

    How is rowing going for you? What’s it like elsewhere in the world? Learn more from our survey report. If you would like the anonymised …

    rowing finish posture

    This week’s podcast is about maintaining your posture at the finish, particularly your back angle. Timestamps 01:00 This Past Week – what we do to …

    Learn a dynamic warmup routine for rowing | Faster Masters Rowing Radio – the podcast for masters rowers. Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle …

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