Coaching the release in rowing

Marlene and Rebecca discuss coaching the release this week.

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Timestamps to the show
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07:50 The US Rowing virtual masters camp has occupied Marlene for the past 3 weeks. She has been presenting sessions on stabilisation exercises by Brett Gorman. In the boat, avoid extreme movements and control your movements.,
Rebecca has been working on creating a “National Voice” for masters in New Zealand, if successful she hopes other countries will follow suit. It is starting with a Facebook Group, New Zealand Masters Rowers

14:00 if you think we should run a virtual camp – let us know.
18:30 Who do you share your water with? Swimmers are a challenge to spot without a bright cap.
Marlene tells a story about getting waked by a destroyer in Greece from the naval base in Poros.
A discussion on Facebook

24:00 Coaching the release. You have to practice drills to get it right. Slow down to work out the timing.
Exit : Feather. Can you get blended and not separated in these movements?
Check your hands are coming in level, wrists may bend to feather to make room between the handles and your thighs – so you won’t have room to tap down.
Timing is important. Regulate the tension so you can release cleanly.

33:00 Should the blade come out exactly the same time as the knees go down?