Home rowing training during Covid 19

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Faster Masters members are reporting clubs closing and social distancing measures in their area.  And so we’ve put together a program which will help you to stay fit and train at home while the isolation continues.

In this program are

  • 4 weeks of a training program (train from 3 – 6 times a week)
  • 4 weeks of land training (strength and conditioning)
  • A Fitness Evaluation series of tests so you can track your progress
  • An article explaining how to calculate Cross Training times back into rowing equivalents
  • The perfect home training gym checklist
  • Erg category pace guidelines
  • Strength training guidelines
  • Training program guidelines

Our view is that staying fit and healthy is your short term goal and we must all use the tools at our disposal.  Some of us will have ergs at home, others will have a bike or a stationary bike trainer, others can run (others cannot run) or swim.  Marlene Royle’s article shows you how to calculate your training back to “Rowing Minutes Equivalent”.  

You may need to be creative with regard to home weights if you don’t own kettlebells or gym weights.  Wrap bags of sugar in plastic and tape to simulate 1kg / 2.2 lb weights; use your kitchen or bathroom scales to weigh items and above all, make your workout room a pleasant place to be.

Social connections with rowers

Use the Faster Masters Training Group on Facebook to connect with other rowers and compare your training progress.

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