Focus on endurance training during #lockdown

Our program today is full of tips and what you can do to stay fit for Rowing during Covid-19.

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Timestamps to the show

02:00 What’s in the April Faster Masters subscription program
10:20 Training program during lockdown and self isolation. Get ballistic loading on your legs. Use a jump rope (skipping rope) or do sculling hops (harvard sculls with a jump)

Download your home training program here

13:30 Maintaining muscular balance and doing balancing exercises at your desk or kitchen counter.
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15:20 Endurance training – do the same amount of training as normal. This is key to staying in shape for when we DO get back on the water.
16:20 Watch your calories
21:20 Ideas for mental support while at home. Have a goal for the session. Stay focused on the present
26:00 Setting up a home gym link to article with all the items
Finding the right size swiss ball – thighs parallel to the floor
35:15 How to plan a training session. The rule of 4.
40:00 Summary and thank you for our live watchers
List of apps / groups / online events to help during Covid-19
We will add in new ones – just message us.