Learning rhythm in rowing

Marlene and Rebecca tackle the topic of rhythm in rowing.
– What is rhythm? How to get it, how to lose it and get it back.

rhythm in rowing

How to get rhythm, learn it and be confident.


04:00 Jonathan Tyson’s wife asks we were reviewing stroke and talking about left hand over/ahead of right to allow for the oar handles to pass over one another. She asked why don’t we design / rig so that the oar handles are separated, meaning both hands could stay at the same level during recovery and drive?
10:00 For the 1k racing 12 week programme sold on Faster Masters Rowing, how are the sessions described – is there a 500m split time and stroke rate target, with the split times set based on your ultimate target speed?–Australian listener.
12:45 James Dundon from 612endurance sculling club in Minneapolis, MN reported coordinating a small boats race at a variety of lakes in town every Saturday this summer. Racers are split into four waves. We make it competitive by having the wave winner move up a wave and last place moves down a wave. 3 x 1k pieces
16:00 Rhythm – how do you describe the rowing rhythm? It’s hard to achieve rhythm if you cannot trust the oar to use your body weight
20:00 Teaching rhythm to athletes – keep your handles in motion. Try the drill of half pressure catch and 3/4 pressure finish. Trust the oar and load it up in order to trust it.
26:00 Sarah Powell seeks solutions for mounting oars on walls [Munsen Rings]
34:15 Jeanette Brimble asks about timing the exit and start of the recovery transition. Your goal is to release without interrupting the rhythm. Check you are feathering outside the water not in the water. End of the leg drive equals the release timing. Feel the release timing from foot pressure in your shoes.
42:00 Funny boat names