The limits to masters rowing

What are the limits to masters rowing? Can we challenge ourselves more? Is comfort more important than skill? Rebecca and Marlene discuss technical skill challenges and physical challenges as you age. Risk versus rewards.


02:00 are limits being challenged now? Pay attention to how our bodies are changing. A class of masters who are high performance athletes exists. along with newcomers to the sport. Masters handicaps are less accurate for older athletes showing that masters are getting faster.

04:00 Head of the Charles results the top 50 year olds times were faster than 30 year olds and comparable to 40 year olds in recent years. They likely have more experience and more time to train.

Training in your comfort zone

07:00 I see people rowing in a comfort zone of technique, fitness and watermanship. Without coaching, people settle into habits. A good coach develops your skill to meet the challenge to get better. Marlene experiments every session.

11:00 The childlike approach to play and experimentation. Comfort in the boat is the goal. Doing tricks in the boat proves you are comfortable.

  • Try rowing a circle with oarlocks open
  • Take your hands off the handle at the finish & at the catch.

Technique pathway

13:00 The pathway of learning technique. Coaches need this to keep athletes interested. Starting with the core skills. Grading in achievable small steps. Be an advanced waterman ship rower or sculler. Get in touch to see our technique pathway.

18:00 Buy the best equipment you can afford. Responsive equipment helps you row better.

3 mini-challenges for you.
Physical and mental limits