Are you training without a program and without a coach?

Faster Masters Rowing is designed for you

If you’re a masters rower and you like racing, you know these 3 things

A well designed training program gets you fitter and stronger
Your program should deliver a peak performance on race day
Improving rowing and sculling technique brings speed gains

If you train alone, or in a group without a coach, it is hard to focus on each workout and plan what you are going to do every time you train. Getting occasional coaching is great, if your club has a coach. But few are knowledgable about how to coach masters. Masters are special – rowing technique as you age is different than what you did when you were young!

Faster Masters is designed for you

Every month we write a new program in six modules. Written by expert masters coaches who also row.

Marlene Royle
Rebecca Caroe

What’s in a Faster Masters Rowing Program?

Fresh lessons every month so there’s always something new to challenge you. 

Training is aligned with Masters Championship race dates & long distance Head Races – your racing calendar.

A Faster Masters Rowing monthly membership includes:

Training Plan

Your Training Program

Our workouts will get you race-ready


Peak Performance Tips

Sharpen your competitive edge


Your Technique Program

Stroke focus and drills

Land Training

Land Training Exercises

Strength, flexibility, core, erg

Rowing Lifestyle

Rowing Lifestyle Advice

Recipes, recovery, motivation, balance


Bonus Gift

We will surprise you

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