2k race strategies

What should you do in the 3rd 500 meters of a 2k race?

Faster Masters Rowing Radio – the podcast for masters rowers. Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.

Timestamps to the show

06:00 This Past Week – things we do to advocate for and advance masters rowing around the world. Alan Oldham interviewed Rebecca for Rowing News – the article is titled Covid Connections
Marlene’s Rowing News article is about a drill called the Stationery Stability Drill. When you can complete this and not touch the water you will be able to row oars off the water in any conditions.
Wellington Rowing Club is advertising for an independent board director – how many clubs use independents on their board?
Does your club offer social rowing memberships?
The Dutch mens eight use motors on their boat https://nos.nl/l/2372717

12:00 Our next webinar Functional Movement Assessment for Rowers. Learn 10 assessments and how to overcome the limitations. Tuesday 30th March 5 pm EST. Sign up for a free ticket

We are appearing on Tara Morgan’s Steady State Network’s Rowing Podcaster’s Roundtable.
20:00 Your 2k race. Write down what you did to prepare and the race plan – what actually happened? Use this to improve your race for next time and to repeat what went well for you.
Give yourself credit for what went well.
24:40 The 3rd quarter of the race. What should you do?
It’s going to be hard at this stage you are in oxygen debt. When the lactic acid is peeling the enamel off your teeth. You have to have a plan for the third quarter.
Simplify the plan as the race progresses. Practice the plan. Count 5s or 7s or 10s.
Rebecca recommends you pick a trick out of your bag to respond to what happens in your split. If it slips, which “trick” will you use to get it back?
Splits on Concept2 are run as a 3 stroke rolling average – this means it may take you a while to get the split back.
32:00 Plan your practice trials for competition. Develop the strategy.
35:00 How bad should you feel or not feel at the end of a 2k? To learn to row 100% is a skill. It takes time to learn how to cross the line. Ask yourself whether you could have done better or not.
40:00 Would you expect to exceed your maximum heart rate is OK? Calculations of heart rate are imprecise. Tests are precise.
43:00 Peak performance – did you ever have an out of body experience while racing?