Masters v Juniors

Running a good club that balances the needs of different training groups can be challenging. Too often masters groups come into conflict, and it’s frequently with the juniors group. Nothing

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Rowing Mindset

Mental skills training to complement your physical workouts webinar – Sign Up Below Three techniques to improve your focus, push your performance, and overcome external distractions in rowing and sculling.

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The Older Athlete & Aging 2023

Advancing Older Athletes webinar – Sign Up Below We are the first human generation to have stayed fit and active throughout our lives. And those lives are significantly longer than

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Coach Certification

Masters Coaching Academy – certification for rowing coaches The world’s first coaching certification for masters rowing. Each year more masters start rowing. Many are new to the sport, the need

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Data is more than just the flavor of the month in rowing it seems to be everywhere. And yet it is also hard to find where to educate yourself on

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How will menopause affect your rowing? Ways to mitigate the effects and strategies to support your body while you pass through the change. Post-menopause lifestyle & training changes to make

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Racing Starts VIP

The Racing Starts Challenge VIP webinar – Sign Up Below Each day during the Racing Starts Challenge we take you BACK STAGE for a private Q&A session with Marlene, Rebecca and our

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Ageing Well

Ageing Well webinar – Sign Up Below How to manage the process, the science of longevity and what affects your chronological and biological age.  With guest experts Clare Delmar and

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Erg Racing

Erg Racing webinar – Sign Up Below Getting ready to do well in the CRASH-B or other indoor rowing race takes specialist knowledge. And Faster Masters Rowing is here to

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Club Management

Rowing Club Virtual Management webinar – Sign Up Below The world went digital and rowing clubs pivoted. We moved online, virtual and row-from-home. Let’s not lose the momentum. Now is

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Rigging for Masters webinar – Sign Up Below If you are ready to upskill yourself with rigging boats and oars…. Then you simply can’t afford to miss this webinar where

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The Racing Starts Challenge webinar – Sign Up Below The Racing Starts Challenge is 6 videos teaching how to perfect your starts. With 3 expert guests: Lesleh Thompson, Adam Kreek

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