Faster Masters™ is for athletes who want to win.

Our training program helps you improve your skills, improve fitness, improve technique, improve strength, and improve race psychology so you achieve your rowing goals and WIN.

Who is using Faster Masters™?

  • The National Champion Mens F 1x.
  • The cancer survivor coming back to rowing.
  • The school moms crew going to the Head of the Yarra
  • The FISA Masters 2019 3x medalist.

Faster Masters™ is for folks who don’t get regular coaching. Who train alone. Who don’t have a program. And who want to improve, want to get faster and who have goals and bucket list regattas they want to race.

You have come to the right place!

A masters rower’s life is tough – we are on our own- few clubs prioritize older athletes and so we have to look after ourselves.

Founded by Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe in 2017, this program will help you gain skill and build fitness.

Enjoy the wonderful sport of rowing.

We are masters specialist coaches..

Whether you have a regular coach or are training on your own, you will learn more, advance faster and reach your goals with the professional experience built into the Faster Masters Rowing™ program.
Buy a program perfect for you!

Fresh lessons every month so there’s always something new to challenge you, a Faster Masters Rowing™ monthly membership includes:

Training Plan

Your Training Program

Our workouts will get you race-ready


Peak Performance Tips

Sharpen your competitive edge


Your Technique Program

Stroke focus and drills

Land Training

Land Training Exercises

Strength, flexibility, core, erg

Rowing Lifestyle

Rowing Lifestyle Advice

Recipes, recovery, motivation, balance


Bonus Gift

We will surprise you

PLUS, when you join you’ll get our Rowing Fundamentals Bundle worth $279 including:

The Faster Five ebook, Ultimate Head Racing Guide for Masters;
Technique as you age presentation

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I hesitated for some months before buying a membership due to doubts about committing to a regular payment. I took the plunge when I compared it to the cost of a few bottles of wine and decided the programme would be better for me than the wine!

Anne-Marie Allison

Rowing is already pretty expensive so I need to strongly consider costs. And I found the structure that I need to go it alone in terms of practices planning. Especially this year with the pandemic and no coach, I’ve relied heavily on Faster Masters to give a steady, progress-based approach to practices.

Chris Krupiarz

I must tell you your video critique was phenomenal and yesterday I went out and did the drills and my stroke length magically improved and my splits went down.

Elizabeth Sheldon