Faster Masters™ is a training System for rowers. We understand what masters need.

What Type of Faster Master are you?

Train your endurance, efficiency and fitness.

Our plans will improve your base-pace boat speed, sharpen technique and design your race plan.
Sprint racing requires power and speed.
Our plans teach race skills, a pre race taper, land strength training and racing starts savvy.
You row for fitness, weight loss and general health.
A Faster Masters plan give each session a focus including technique, fat burning and building boat skills.
Training Masters is different from youth rowers.

How to teach masters effectively, group organization, a skills progression matrix from beginner to elite, and a monthly training program.

Training Plan

Your Training Program

Daily workouts for fitness, training & racing


Peak Performance Tips

Sharpen your rowing mindset


Sweep & Sculling Technique

Improve your stroke with bladework drills

Land Training

Land Training Gym Work

Gain strength, flexibility and core strength

Rowing Lifestyle

Rowing Lifestyle to Age Well

Recipes, recovery, motivation, balance


Bonus Gift

We will surprise you

PLUS, webinars, ebooks and individual advice all designed for master rowers, coaches, coxswains and group organizers.

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