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Training Plans


The Coach Program – Signup Below You are a coach working with masters athletes. You are busy, you like the coaching and find writing training programs time consuming and maybe

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Rowing Fitness Program

Rowing Fitness Program – Signup Below You are a rower or sculler and you choose not to race. Faster Masters has a program designed just for you. Set yourself a

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Individual Annual

Individual Annual Program – Signup Below This is IDENTICAL to the Individual Monthly Training Program. Except you save $$ buying annually. 12 months for the price of 10. Designed for

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Masters v Juniors

Running a good club that balances the needs of different training groups can be challenging. Too often masters groups come into conflict, and it’s frequently with the juniors group. Nothing

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Rowing Mindset

Mental skills training to complement your physical workouts  Three techniques to improve your focus, push your performance, and overcome external distractions in rowing and sculling. Presenter: Jack Burns  Join this

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Erg intensive

Prepare for Indoor Rowing Championships 2024 Get yourself a new focus through to March 2024 with a coached indoor rowing program and live zoom coaching calls led by Miroslav Jezdanov

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Group coaching call, computer with participants on the screen,

Coach Mastermind

It’s somewhat lonely being a rowing coach. Coaches work alone (except for your athletes) and frequently you crave some fellow coaching company and the opportunity to talk to other coaches.

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Sculling Intensive

Sculling Intensive – virtual clinic 6 self-guided lessons Getting going in a single scull is hard. It takes good coaching, clear direction and a lot of practice.  Use this virtual

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