5 signs of over training

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01:00 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing.

02:40 Block format racing allows more events and easier for boat sharing

05:00 squads for masters racing. Being ultra-flexible because things come up unpredictably.

08:00 Testimonials from our customers

Testimonial for Faster Masters training programs

13:00 Henley on Todd – Alice Springs

What is over training?

18:00 Over training,. what is it? Over-stress when your system gets run down. Increasing training volume or intensity too fast. Insufficient recovery. If you do not rest your body creates a situation where it forces you to rest. –

Type 1 – muscular – it hurts.

Type 2- central nervous system- lack of balance, co-ordination low motivation.

21:15 When I got over-training. Be very careful. It was caused by too high training load. We have to push boundaries in a training program in order to get fitter.

5 warning signs of over training

Warning signs of over training

  • 1 – Resting heart rate is too high in morning. Category VI (6) training is base work allows your heart to expand and contract stronger. If heart rate is 5 beats higher – watch it if it is to beats higher for several days it’s a sign of over stress.
  • 2 – Injuries appear. Over training goes to a weak spot – an old injury flares up
  • 3 – You feel tired and lack motivation or slightly depressed
  • 4 – appetite can drop
  • 5 – Achy muscles

Use your down time

30:00 Using your down time profitably. Go down to base training only. Avoid hard AT or Interval work until your heart rate is back to normal. Do not be on your feet- row /cycle is better than jogging. Go out in the coach boat-watch and learn. Join them at the training sessions. Get a sports massage Nutrition HELPS – get protein and B vitamins in. A blood profile test shows deficiencies like B- 12 and iron Do Yoga. Do Pilates. Take a core class -sit ups, press ups, stretching and mobility work. When you start to feel better begin training again.

Rule is #days off = no of days to come back to full training. Be conservative – older athletes take longer to rebound.

40:00 Adaptation happens at the cellular level.

Signs of over training for masters rowers

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