Ageing Well for Rowing

A webinar by Faster Masters Rowing.

How to manage the ageing process, the science of longevity and what affects your chronological and biological age. 

With guest experts Clare Delmar and Hugh Dunstan

Learn about

  • – The science of ageing – what we are only just learning
  • – How digestion, diet and hydration age you
  • – Ways amino acids affect sport, exercise and recovery rates
  • – How to monitor your own health and ageing
  • – Interventions to slow down ageing 
  • – Impact of loss of muscle tone and ability to recover. The role of Vitamin D in muscle mass and ageing
Ageing Well webinar, how to row and age well

You will meet

  • – Clare Delmar Healthcare entrepreneur has worked in the medical technology and men’s health area for the last 12 years. Current venture is a company delivering state-of-the-art treatment for prostate cancer.
    By engaging hundreds of men with early-to intermediate-stage prostate cancer and gaining an understanding of their needs and aspirations following their diagnosis, she became interested in the recent advances in what is sometimes called longevity science or geroscience. It was particularly attractive or two key reasons: 1) ageing is the most significant risk factor in developing prostate cancer, and there is lots of new thinking and new approaches to managing ageing; and 2) much of the research base derives from years of investigation into how cancerous cells develop and operate within the body.
    Her aim is to help educate patients and the general public about these approaches and challenge them to think about ageing and its management in a more informed and evidence-based way.
    She is a a member of the Masters Womens squad at Tideway Scullers School in London.
  • – Hugh Dunstan Hugh Dunstan was a Professor at the University of Newcastle (Australia) until he retired in 2020. His research program was focused on understanding the biochemistry of fatigue. Hugh and his research team were able to quantify the potential losses of amino acids and electrolytes in humans. This enabled them to better understand daily amino acid requirements and then develop highly refined commercial products to support exercise and recovery.  These new concepts are particularly relevant to help people stay active and healthy as they get older. Hugh is a co-founder of InnovAAte, which brings their research based OptimAAte and ElectrAAte products to the marketplace. He has been rowing for 40 years and remains active and healthy.

After attending this webinar you will

  1. – Know which ageing specialists to follow and read
  2. – Have practical changes to make in your own diet, exercise and hydration 
  3. – Have a path for measuring your own ageing


Within the webinar are downloadable bonus lessons for you.

  • Recording of the full event
  • How proteins are built
  • Ebook on Amino Acids for Sport and Exercise
  • Science of Ageing resources – who to watch / read / listen / follow
  • Discount Coupon for Innovaate products