Best Rowing Books

Rowing books range from novels to technical advice. We list popular and classic books which you can read. Become a student of rowing by reading rowing books.

Book of the Month

Each month, Jess DiCarlo comes on the Faster Masters Rowing Radio podcast to talk about her choice of one rowing book. This month she has chosen:

Olaf Tufte’s Skjerpins. This literally means “sharpening” or more prosaically “Get a grip – you can always get better”.

Top 5 Classic Rowing Books

  1. Assault on Lake Casitas – Brad Alan Lewis
  2. Boys in the Boat – Daniel Brown
  3. Mind Over Water: Lessons on Life and the Art of Rowing – Craig Lambert
  4. Three Men in a Boat – Jerome K Jerome
  5. True Blue: The Oxford Boat Race Mutiny  – Daniel Topolski

Top 5 Rowing Coach and Rowing Technique books

  1. Rudern – The East German text of oarsmanship
  2. Training for the Complete Rower: A Guide to Improving Performance – Paul Thompson & Alex Wolf
  3. Masters Rowing – Training for fitness, technique and competition – Volker Nolter & Wolfgang Fritsch
  4. Steve Fairbairn – Slowly Forward,
  5. Ed McNeely/Marlene Royle – Skillful Rowing

Top Rowing novels

  1. On The Water – H M van den Brink
  2. Flat Water Tuesday – Ron Irwin
  3. Water Under The Bridge – Simon Murch
  4. Three Men in a Boat – Jerome K Jerome
  5. The Seven Seat: A True Story of Rowing, Revenge and Redemption – Daniel J Boyne

Top Rowing Biographies

  1. My Olympic Life – Anita DeFrantz
  2. A Golden Age – Steve Redgrave
  3. A Lifetime in a Race – Matthew Pinsent
  4. My Autobiography – Katherine Grainger
  5. Gold Medal Flapjack: Silver Medal Life – Alison Mowbray

I listed most of the books below – but I don’t warrant any typos or missing author names…. this list is still growing.

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