Compromises in Rowing

Compromises are needed sometimes in rowing. What happens to you and what can you do about them? How can you decide what to do?


00:30 Happy new rowing year.

What’s in the January training program? 1k base preparation for those racing in April-June; 2k-5k Head racing in March; Crash-B program. CRASH-B Date change to Feb 4th from Mar 5th in prior years. This caused us to have to adjust the program to race day being 4 weeks earlier. 4 weeks of training you can’t do. Land training to align with the training program; analysing force curves on the erg, the year in review, sleep monitoring and sculling right over left.

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04:30 Compromises in rowing

We discussed among the coaches – this is not something we could influence or change. The race date is fixed. Review our planned workouts and the end goal for the last month and the taper week before the race. Review the test days planned and were these dates appropriate given the new race date. Review individual workouts especially race distance, higher intensity, race ratings. 07:30 The compromise we chose to make for CRASH-B training.

08:15 Athlete compromises

Athlete availability is an area where you may need to compromise. Ways to keep continuity while supporting members who are absent. To boat a regular eight you need twelve people available. Use the extra people to build the next eight crew you want for the group. This creates club continuity – adaptable athletes who can row with anyone in the group. Everyone rows to the same base pattern.

10:30 Weather compromises

Dealing with windy days – find a wind shadow if you can. Switching workout to cross training – on the erg you generally can do a straight switch. But if it’s higher rate, go two points in rate lower on the erg. The loading is different on a fixed head rowing machine. Bike rides are a good substitute – for an equivalent training session for 1 hour on the water or erg is equivalent to 45 minutes of running or 90 minutes cycling. Get the same physiological benefit.

13:15 Race day compromises

Who is your planned alternate? Someone who can slot in. In a series of crews – first 8, 2nd eight etc. What happens if someone goes ill or injured and who will move up from the next crew to take their place. Or some masters who will slot into youth crews at the last minute if someone isn’t available. Key is don’t let these things put you off your stride.

14:30 Race preparation compromises

Some things are just too hard to do. In a short period a coach can train a crew to have a faster catch within the context of the existing planned workouts. But in 2 weeks you won’t get a lot of base fitness gain. Choose your trade-offs carefully. You may just have to abandon a technical change if they athlete can’t learn it fast enough before the race.

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