Concierge Service for Faster Masters Rowing

What program is right for me? What do I want from my rowing? Can I improve?

Let the Masters Rowing Concierge help you advance your rowing practice, set goals and recommend strategies that fit YOUR needs.

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Welcome to Masters Rowing Concierge! We started this service to create our own warm community – real human connection. Ask our Faster Masters coach advisor all your masters rowing questions. We can’t wait to connect with you.


Step 1: Choose a date and time below and click ‘Book Session’.

Step 2: Check your email for the confirmation and Zoom link.

Step 3: Download Zoom & sign in a few minutes before the session. Have your question ready.

Step 4: After your session, check your email for a summary!


  • What a fix for this technique problem?
  • I”m new to the single scull – when will I feel confident?
  • How do I do racing starts?
  • What options are there for rigging adjustment?
  • How do my crew balance the boat?


  • Download Zoom and sign in before your session start time
  • Have a list of questions ready & enjoy!


Can I send you a picture for a recommendation? – Yes you can, here are our contact details.

What happens after the session? We email you our suggestions and recommendations.

I’m living outside of the US, how does this work? The calendar will adjust to your local timezone. Just book a slot in the normal way.

There are no times available, how can I book a session? We put new sessions up every week. Check back next week.

Are there longer sessions available? The free service is 20 minutes in duration. 

What if I do not own a boat? Don’t worry, we can still help you with your questions.

How many sessions can I book? There’s no limit on the number of sessions you can book. We’d love to chat with you again!

Do I have to pay for the session? No, this is a complimentary service provided by the Faster Masters team.

Can a Faster Masters Rowing Coach host a virtual or in-person event for me and my friends? We would love to discuss a virtual or in-person event for you and your friends. Please email us.