Conscious Incompetence in rowing

Rebecca and Marlene discuss conscious incompetence in the learning process,

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04:00 Conscious Incompetence in the boat. 4 development stages of learning as an adult – from unconscious incompetence through Conscious Incompetence and conscious competence to unconscious competence which is the goal.
09:30 It happens in your cerebellum – how you lean and the smooth co-ordinated movements of rowing depend on your brain to create new movement patterns.
15:00 Salt water versus fresh water 500m splits
17:50 Erg times compared to water times. Concept 2 times equate to a heavyweight mens 4-. RP3 and Rowperfect software equates these to water times. Generally it’s hard to do so track them as two separate parallel times.
Marlene calculated WL1x water and erg times – she found a 15% difference with ergs faster.
24:00 Splashing in the boat -my 2x partner is getting me wet. Drills to do.
31:00 Rebecca explains why her boat is named Mental Floss
34:00 Ezz Eldin’s question about what do you do to get up and go to training in the morning?