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You are a keen masters athlete and you want to row faster this year. You’re fed up with trying to figure it out, without a regular coach, or you self-coach – the Individual subscription is designed for you.

This monthly membership includes new articles posted each month and advice in 6 modules to so that you use your available training time effectively and efficiently.

The monthly training programs are tailored to fit the current racing season whether it be 1k or 5k.

  • Your Training Program
  • Your Technique Program
  • Land Training Exercises
  • Peak Performance Tips
  • Rowing Lifestyle Advice
  • Bonus Gift
  • Access to our Discussion Forum

When we have seasons overlapping or there are major differences when peak events occur we include special notes or programs. Some of our customers live in the Southern Hemisphere; some in the Northern. The program from May to September has a 1k focus – with peaks in May/June (South) and August/September (North); October moves to longer races through to March (North) and then rolls back to 1k.  South January to May is a 1k focus.

When you join you’ll get our Rowing Fundamentals Bundle including: The Ultimate Head Racing Guide for Masters; Technique As You Age presentation; and the Warming Up Before Rowing ebook.

These are events our athletes train for:- Masters Nationals (US/NZ/Canada/UK/Australia), Head of the Charles, FISA World Masters, Henley Masters Regatta, World Masters Games.

What Users Say

I loved the technique drills – drills I make my athletes do and which I used to do myself when I was racing but had got out of the habit.  And I like the pieces – sensible, doable, but hard enough.

I try to train 4 times a week or every other day  – as you know recovery takes longer as we get older – I am 63 and only have one working lung so that has an effect – nonetheless I find the sessions OK. 

Faster Masters™ is definitely helping me – it is extremely hard to coach yourself sensibly.

Persephone Wynn, Nottingham Boat Club, UK

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