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Marlene Royle · April 15, 2019

You have a private coach or you are in a club program which gives you a training program and regular coaching, but you are keen to learn more about masters rowing and how to row faster this year.  The monthly Magazine  is designed for you.

Your magazine includes new articles posted each month and advice in 4 modules to so that you use your available training time to learn more about the sport, get better and row faster this year.

  • Your Technique Program
  • Peak Performance Tips
  • Rowing Lifestyle Advice
  • Bonus Gift

When you join you’ll get our Rowing Fundamentals Bundle worth $279 including: the Faster Five ebook covering bladework, technique, racing, stroke power and the fitness assessment; 2 drill videos to improve your confidence; Race plans for 1k and 5k; The Ultimate Head Racing Guide for Masters; Technique As You Age and Recovery for Masters articles;

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