Erg racing checklist

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So you’re going to do CRASH-B or another erg race. We share our checklist of things you should (and should not) do before the big event.


02:00 Erg races coming up.

One Week Prior

04:00 The week before your event. You have started the taper recovery week on your programme.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat really well
  • Get organised for your trip.
  • Give yourself time for doing things.
  • Keep stress levels down.
  • Don’t consider travel days as rest days.

06:30 Practice your warm up every day. Know if it works. When you do your high rate workouts, are you warm and perform well?

Routine and focus avoids distractions. It will calm you down.
09:00 Have a routine for your workout. – Layout clothes the night before. – Pack your bag the same all the time. e.g. water bottle in the same pocket. – Be mindful as you pack your clothes.

Erg Rowing Checklist

  • Your uniform – what you want to wear for the race
  • Warm up jacket and pants
  • A dry change of clothes
  • A towel
  • A HR monitor or watch
  • Your water bottle
  • Food and snacks
  • Entry information & confirmation
  • Hotel accommodation information & directions
  • Information desk location
  • Orientation in the venue e.g. warm up area, toilets/rest rooms
  • Your race start time – Erg assignment number
  • Your coach, cox or referee assigned to you

17:45 Once on your competition erg adjust foot stretchers and drag factor.

Then the referee sets the race screen. [You may not be allowed to do this.] Choose a drag factor that works for you – do you like to feel more powerful or do you prefer to get more of a high rating/freewheeling feel on the pickup?

20:00 Balance the stoke rate with drag factor to give you the best score.

Rob Waddell [Former world Indoor rowing Champion] chose his drag factor so the drive time in the boat and on the erg were the same,

Print this before you race
Your erg racing checklist

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