Your monthly fee buys you access to training modules of new content every month that you continue paying. Each month we suggest you download a local copy of the program for you to keep forever.  When you cancel, your access is closed off.

Like all athletic training, if you put in the work, you will get changes.  Success doesn’t always mean instantly winning races!  Tell us if you’re facing challenges.

No.  An individual subscription is for one person. 

Yes.  If you buy a Crew subscription for a Club subscription for whole club training groups.  These memberships have additional benefits over and above the individual.

NOTE: You create ONE login which all club or crew members will share.

Yes it will! In the Training Program module, we offer two versions of the training program – one for peak races in April – June and one for peak races in August – September. We hope these align with your local race dates. Tell us if this doesn’t work for you.

No. You can buy a Faster Masters Subscription with either a PayPal Account or using Stripe payment processing. 

Yes you can – open the Program and at the bottom of the description it lists the modules.  On the right click “Expand All” and you will see the titles of all the detailed articles currently in the program.Program module, training program rowing,

Yes, the Faster Masters training programs include head racing plans.

No the coaching programme is not on YouTube.  Faster Masters Rowing is a private subscription service and you receive and watch or read all the coaching advice on our website.
The advice programs are behind a password-protected paywall.  When you buy a subscription, you can log in and read and watch new content every month.
In addition, you can download and save all the articles.

Navigate to Dashboard > Programs

Open the program and scroll down to the list of lessons.  On right side click “expand all” to see each lesson in each module. 

The content rotates so June content is dated 06.19, July is 07.19 etc.  Older content no longer appears – only 2 months show at any one time.​

Our software hasn’t got the ability to do group logins and so you are going to have to do either:

  1. Share your email login / password with your crew so they all log in on the same account
  2. You download / print all the lessons and share them with the crew by email or some other tool (Dropbox, Google Drive etc).

If you want to continue subscribing, in year 2 you will get newly updated content – it won’t be a repeat of year 1.

No, each subscription includes several modules within the one price.  

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Log into your Paypal account, find the most recent transaction and click cancel.  If you use Stripe for payments, contact us and we will cancel for you.

We do not refund subscriptions for any month in which you have already had access / downloaded the training program modules.