Fundraising for rowing clubs

Faster Masters Rowing Radio – the podcast for masters rowers. Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.


01:00 This Past Week – we launched the June training program.

06:50 Fundraising for rowing clubs

Little and often is a good mantra. Regattas – every club should do a winter and summer regatta. Different types of regatta – boats are provided, racing for time, skills and drills, juniors and masters are good companion athletes.

13:00 Summer head races – Maine State Championships around 3 buoys for 5k. The “Killer Meter” a 1k race with a mass start. The CRI Classic is a preparation for HOCR. The Head of the Kevins – 3 series of races seeded by time Cambridge Winter League over 3 months with cumulative time.

19:00 Small fund raisers

– a service fee on race entries – bottle returns and tin cans – jumble sale / rummage sale / bake sale – junior disco – raffles – donated merchandise in kind and gift certificates

28:00 Run a learn to row for parents of juniors

30:00 Corporate rowing is a league possible?

37:00 Resources within the membership – who is already a member who could help you? Local library allows you to list rooms for hire (a commercial Air BnB for club rooms) 47:00 Catchy things like “sponsor 10 strokes” Buy a row or buy 1 hour or 1 outing.

Four main areas of fund raising for rowing clubs
Audio fundraising for rowing clubs