Getting the most out of rowing camps

Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe discuss language in coaching and how to be more specific in what you say; our pet peeves for coaches – what drives us crazy and how to get the most out of going on a rowing camp.

Timestamps to the show

0:00 Royle Row camps are happening at Florida Rowing Center during April

02:00 Training side by side is a great early season aide to steering and getting used to having a crew alongside

04:00 Language in rowing coaching – be specific.  Tell the athlete HOW to do it not just WHAT you want done.

08:00 Geographical reference points in the rowing stroke.  When the principles are in place, the flaws go away.

13:00 Pet peeves in coaching –

  • Stick near the launch if you want coaching, don’t turkey off into the distance and then complain.
  • Turn up on time.
  • Emphasising upper body reach for length instead of compression.
  • Stay “long” which tends to make the athlete lay back too far versus a focus on keeping the pressure on the blade longer.
  • A focus on early roll up when there are bigger issues like posture, sequencing and stability for the athlete to get.
  • You need to be on time at the blade entry, not exceptionally early.
  • Defining “layback” of degrees and considering it “length” versus being part of the swing and knowing when you lose suspension.

19:00 Getting the most out of camps

  • Take notes – write down exact key words that helped you
  • Have fun, experiment and try new things to make comfort in your boat
  • Prepare ahead of time by doing some extra rowing and stretching
  • Get enough rest between sessions, stretch often
  • Focus on one thing at a time, watch the demonstrations, record / film the explanations on your phone
  • Ask questions if you are not clear about something a coach says
  • Be open to video feedback, coaches aim to be constructive (!)
  • You are learning ew skills so there is a process involved

27:00 After camp learning – the process continues

  • Refer to your notes for drills or key words
  • Work on one thing at a time
  • Each day pick one point or drill to focus on
  • Blend any drill into your regular rowing