Goals and Measuring Training

Satisfaction gained from rowing often comes from measuring progress


02:00 This past week

06:00 British Rowing Plus magazine article by Rebecca Caroe Goals and Measuring Training for Masters

07:45 Marlene reads the article – process goals and measured achievement goals.

Objective and subjective aspects of goal setting

12:00 What will help you move towards your goal? Diary your testing every 6 weeks.

18:00 Resources and rowing measurement suggestions included in the article. Using an app or speed coach to record data Metres per stroke at rate 18 a measure of base paddling speed A 20 minute erg test for fitness Faster5 Fitness Assessment includes the details

20:45 Heart rate is not a good measure of training intensity Row set distances or set time. Marlene likes Stroke rate 22 for 20 or 30 minutes as a regular workout.

25:00 At what intensity do you row the 20 minute test? The best effort you can on the day – it is a test. However you can’t row 100% every stroke, you have to last the distance. How to find the ideal 500 meter split which you can maintain at “comfortably hard” for the full time. You can increase the split a little during the piece. You just feel that the test is an honest reading of your capacity on that day.

Goals for non-racing masters.

29:30 Tips on goals for non-racing masters.

Technical goals – how many strokes can you row with blades off the water? Endurance goals – distance before you need to take a break. Marlene is not a fan of talking in the boat for team boats. Testing breathing – can you breathe through your nose or your mouth? Steering tests- through the bridge without over-steering.

32:00 Rate of perceived exertion scale Small wins matter.

35:30 Fitness evaluations cause less anxiety over time. Have a routine of how you approach the tests. Make them regular, part of your practice.

37:00 Is it better to rate high with low pressure? It depends – rigging affects this, gearing and your physiology. Use the Rigging for Masters Webinar to find what’s right for you.

Goals for recreational and racing masters