Hip Mobility for Masters

Marlene and Rebecca continue their series supporting masters rowers who are training at home during lockdown.

See all our Covid 19 resources for rowers including Jo Francou’s exercises which she discusses in the episode.

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Timestamps to the show

03:00 There has been a shift in mood this week – Going Stir Crazy
06:30 Manage your cortisol levels – stress hormones need moderating. Exercise easrly
09:00 the Pomodoro method of time management helps
10:00 Eating and drinking more – Put food in your diet with ‘crunch’
11.30 Buy the Stuck At Home Rowing Club charity T Shirt for Medicins Sans Frontiers / Doctors without Borders Covid19 support. Last day to order is Friday 17 April.
17:30 GUEST Jo Francou – Australian former Lightweight LW2x World Gold Medalist, now teaching rowing postural assessments
20:00 4 favourite moves to improve Hip Mobility for Masters Rowers. 10-12 reps per side
– reverse lunge
– side lunge
– Lying side to side knees [windscreen wipers]
– Lying bridge – double or single leg
Important to do these BEFORE rowing or erging

See all our Covid 19 resources for rowers
28:00 Watch out for a quiz coming up next week.