Hip Mobility for Masters

Marlene and Rebecca continue their series supporting masters rowers who are training at home during lockdown.

Timestamps to the show

03:00 There has been a shift in mood this week – Going Stir Crazy
06:30 Manage your cortisol levels – stress hormones need moderating. Exercise early
09:00 the Pomodoro method of time management helps
10:00 Eating and drinking more – Put food in your diet with ‘crunch’
17:30 GUEST Jo Francou – Australian former Lightweight LW2x World Gold Medalist, now teaching rowing postural assessments
20:00 4 favourite moves to improve Hip Mobility for Masters Rowers. 10-12 reps per side
– reverse lunge
– side lunge
– Lying side to side knees [windscreen wipers]
– Lying bridge – double or single leg
Important to do these BEFORE rowing or erging
28:00 Watch out for a quiz coming up next week.

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