How different masters train

A deep dive into one master’s training year plan.


01:30 One Masters training – Annual rowing spend $1450. Coached program. Focus on drills and skills 2-3 races in a year.

03:00 How to be coached First time on an athletic program. Expectations for giving feedback during a session.

09:00 Set expectations on how their rowing will progress. Learn how to row hard.

Exasperated Rowing Coach

14:00 Volunteer coach – why do this? The pleasure in teaching.

When Questions are asked what’s in it for me? The squad falls apart.

20:00 Does the Club have a strategy? Can it be revised? 2 covid seasons was a stable group. Now members are travelling more. What type of a club do you want to be? Set expectations.

25:00 Masters are a diverse group. Doing something for ourselves makes us hard to manage. Pathways of managed decline.

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