How much rest after a peak?

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Hi, just wondering what you might recommend for a suitable rest period after finishing rowing season and moving onto preparation for the next season? I just completed the Australian Masters on the weekend. Cheers Sarah

Training periodisation

When we write training plans, each incorporates a peak event – whether 1k or 5k. And after a peak, you need to rest in order to re-set your body and prepare it for the next peak.

Typically rowers have two peaks a year – a winter one and a summer one. Although you may have two summer big events e.g. a May and September regatta – these can be accommodated as two separate peaks in our training programmes.

Rest your rowing body

We recommend at least 2 weeks of rest – or just very light training no more than 2-3 times a week for 30-40 minutes. Get that rest in!

Try something different e.g. swimming, running, cycling, go to a yoga class – take your focus onto something you don’t normally do or need to improve e.g. flexibility. Or volunteer to coach a novice over this period – you’ll be sitting the boat for them and not working very hard.

Maybe have a deep tissue massage with an osteopath to also re-set your limbs straight and as mobile as possible. I love this personally as it helps me to feel realigned. Plus it takes a couple of days to recover from being crunched and massaged!

When you come back into training, start gently and slow. Could be you do 50% of the program for the first 2 weeks just to ensure you don’t get blisters, don’t get over-tired and reacquaint yourself with the boat.

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