How to get a masters coxswain

Masters need more coxes | Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe with guest Katy Smith talking about ways to develop, coach and improve coxing for masters rowers.


01:20 This Past week-advocacy. A new dock arrived at Marlene’s club. Recommend Ako Plus matting for non slip surface suitable for boat clubs.

08:00 Katy Smith from Asheville Rowing Club, North Carolina, USA.

07:00 Sculling Intensive Course announcement. https://fastermastersrowing.com/register/sculling-intensive/

Coxing masters

11:00 Our team has 2 W8 and one M8. And specialised sculling groups.

12:30 Insufficient support for Cox development. Coaches have never coxed. But coxes need a leadership style. The US Rowing Level 2 coach certification has limited cox information.

14:00 Coaches need to sit in the coxes seat at least once. Learn what the role does. – Can you keep your line -point. – Technical skills development. – Responsible for safety – Docking and landing. I use my peripheral vision-what is going on around you?

18:00 Working with a coach Do they do all the coaching? Know what the coach expects from the crew. What skills are they working on? We see and hear things the coach does not. Act as a go-between with the coach and crew. 20:00 Help coxswains develop. Tell us feedback – we want it. When we give good calls, tell us. Are people afraid of hurting our feelings?

23:00 Fear of losing a coxswain. I ask directly for feedback. We used “no name” surveys to rate us.

25:30 Differences coxing masters requires more finesse with your voice – not using screaming tactics.

27:00 Flexibility with line-ups. Explain the goal for this practice. Mixed ability crews – give experienced people the expectation of developing novices. It’s important to allow novices a voice. Buy into the workout.

31:15 Coxes arriving to the masters level – understand how necessary it is to being out on the water. Our masters learn coxing as well as rowing.

33:00 We have a learn to cox program. Choose to rotate through rowing and coxing – half outing rowing, half coxing.

Coxing training manual

35-00 Coaching the coxswain by Chelsea Dommert. She reviews how to master steering, docking, setting up your race plan with the coach. https://amzn.to/3L7Zegp

38:00 I auto record my outings using Cox Orb Platinum. I share them with the womens 4 crew. Coaches could listen to recordings and give coxes feedback.

41:00 It’s important coxswains know how to row. At masters lend everyone needs to learn every role in rowing. To contact Katy katysmith069@gmail.com

Katy Smith shares expertise on coxing masters

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