How to set up your rowing machine

3 tips for setting up your erg / indoor rowing machine correctly so that it is “like your rowing boat”.

How to set up an erg

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01:00 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing. Speaking at the US Rowing Convention, CRASH-B erg training program launch

06:00 Setting up your erg

Resistance – the drag factor on Concept2 erg, Water rower, RP3 and Rowperfect. C2 drag factor is 100 – 110 or 115 for masters.

Comfort – set your seat and foot height to avoid lower back load and over-use injuries

Make your Erg “boat-like” is the key.

12:00 How to set up your erg to be like your boat – single scull. Do short 250m pieces at firm pressure low rate, come into the dock and get on the erg (also on the dock) and row 250m at similar pressure and rate. Do they feel the same? If no, adjust the erg damper setting and drag factor.

Fixed Head rowing machines versus floating head rowing machines – what’s the difference? How does it affect the set-up?

14:30 Why am I doing better splits on a resistance 10 than 4?

23:00 Monitor height – set it for a “long core” posture as advised by Baz Moffat

25:00 Drills for leg drive off the catch

A good drive reduces the “slip” in the chain and increases your effective leg power in the rowing stroke.

  • Drive suspension drill – put resistance high – slow motion rowing – equal contact for feet and fingers – the pressure is the same
  • Legs only rowing drill Start with the set-up from the finish – get into the forward-leaning catch posture, then roll up the slide. Row only using your legs – keep shoulders forward of your hips and arms straight.
  • Quarter slide push drill From the catch, row ONLY the first quarter of the leg drive, return to the catch. Progress down the slide in a pyramid. If your erg monitor offers a force curve display, use this to check your effectiveness in spinning the fly wheel as you lengthen and shorten the slide

37:00 Coffey Simulatoar – set the inboard of the sculls to match your boat.

Bio Rower – set the finish / release position correctly to match your boat.

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