Jimmy Joy rowing coach

I heard today that Jimmy Joy the legendary coach and founder of the Joy of Sculling conference died. Today’s podcast is my reflections and memories of his work.


01:00 I never met Jimmy Joy We corresponded for years. His drive to share what he learned shaped what he gave back to the sport. He emphasised sculling as part of the need to become a well-rounded athlete. The Joy of Sculling Conference was Jim’s conduit to educate others in the sport.

03:00 My rowing blog contained articles by Jim. His perspective was unusual – he focused on the blend of mind and body and how these come together to create the Flow State. Hanlan’s Spirit was about Ned Hanlan who innovated by lengthening the slides in sculling boats. Rebecca took texts and used the blog platform to publicise books. In 2013 Jim contributed a chapter to the ebook How to stop worrying as a coach. The Quantum Sculler was Jim’s deep insight into meditation practice as a way to get into flow state.

06:30 Rebecca describes her Flow State experience in the book “The Greatest Rowing Stories Ever Told”. She had an out of body experience – looking down on herself rowing with no consciousness of how hard I was working, delivering surging boat speed.

08:00 Training for Flow can be taught and learned. Listen to Rebecca’s podcast interview with Jim https://rowing.chat/jimmy-joy/ The art of sculling is a meditative practice.

10:00 Themes from the extract from the Quantum Sculler. Higher consciousness awareness described by Jim.

  • Sculling takes on the quality of lightness – there is no struggle in the mind.
  • Attention is inclusive – outward and inward things.
  • Wholeness in sculling – the relationship with the equipment.
  • The exactness of movements. Intuitional movement eventually becomes transcendent.
  • The practice of quiet sitting – developing comfortability sitting and breathing
  • Recognise the benefits of patience, stillness – these qualities one’s life and sculling – the power developed internally parallels the external physical training
  • We are all inter-connected – the ability to remain in the present moment, a quiet, humble and ego-less strength – become conditioned to sitting for longer developing attention
  • Embrace the surroundings – the mind becomes steady, calm, non-judgemental
  • Maintain balance between thinking, feeling and sensing – the union of the stillness of body and mind is deeply felt.

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