Keynote speaking on Masters Rowing

As experts in most aspects of Masters Rowing, Marlene and Rebecca are available to keynote your conference, club kickoff event or fundraiser.

Our material is oriented towards adult rowers, some of whom train without regular coaching support.

Faster Masters Rowing’s speeches webinars & articles

Rebecca and Marlene can customize topics to suit your needs. If you want a 2 hour webinar; a weekend training clinic, a half day workshop or a 30 minute keynote. The topics can be delivered in any of these formats.

Marlene Royle topics

  • Adapting rowing for older physiology
  • Functional Movement Assessment for Masters Rowers  – how to test your athletes’ flexibility and what do to when you find limitations
  • Coach development – why coaching masters is different. What you need to know, how to adapt your coaching, ways to manage a group with varied skills

Rebecca Caroe topics

  • Masters Club Management – Helping athletes self-organize – ways to schedule, picking lineups (for practice and racing)
  • Learning to row for over 40s – why, how, recruitment, management, coaching
  • Peer to Peer Coaching – for clubs without an in-person coach. A world innovation suitable for masters.

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Faster Masters speaking topics & bios