Data is more than just the flavor of the month in rowing it seems to be everywhere.

And yet it is also hard to find where to educate yourself on what the data means and how to use it.

This webinar series is for you!


Rowing with Data

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We all know that understanding rowing data will help our rowing – efficiency, speed and technique. But there is so much we find challenging to understand.

Most of us are confident using stroke rates and boat speed numbers. There are easy ways to learn what other rowing data metrics mean and how to interpret them for our own rowing.

This webinar runs over 3 separate dates – one per week with a different expert building their insights in turn.  When you buy this webinar you get to attend all 3 AND we will share the recordings.

  • – May 11th Sander Roosendaal shares a primer on rowing data
  • – May 18th Valery Kleshnev explains how to row efficiently
  • May 26th Mike Purcer shows how to use 6 performance factors

Webinar details

Episode 1 is a Primer on Rowing Data

Led by Sander Roosendaal, who has been demystifying rowing data for 15 years through the popular Rowing Data Analytics group. Sander will guide us through the basic 5 data points every rower should be monitoring, what each data point is, what it is used for, what patterns to look for in the data, and what they MEAN.

Then we will dive into using data in your rowing training.

As masters, we all know that heart rate is a challenging data point for us to use. Firstly, it changes with age, secondly different people are very different in their heart rate training zones and thirdly there are better methods.

Sander will teach us how to train using power readouts instead. 

After Sander’s webinar you will be confident setting up data collection in your boat, know how to download and interpret the 5 key data points and also be ready to start looking at training using power data points.

Episode 2 is on How to Row Efficiently

Valery Kelshev has popularised rowing biomechanics through his long running BioRow newsletter. In this webinar he will explain the practical principles of efficiency and how this applies to the rowing and sculling stroke cycle. 

  1. Practical principles of rowing efficiency and how this applies to technique. 
  2. Phases of the stroke cycle: what to focus on to increase rowing efficiency and not waste your energy. 
  3. How to improve your technique: drills, gadgets, technology, etc.
  4. Rowing culture: injury prevention, warming up routines and stretching for masters.

Using video analysis, Valery will show what you should focus on in each part of the stroke – drive and recovery – in order to use your energy to propel the boat forward, and not waste energy on inefficient movements. 

During the webinar he will explain how to teach the catch. Tutor yourself to row with a fast catch using Valery’s unique methodology – this will be useful for coaches and self-coached athletes alike. Valery will also discuss injury prevention, specifically through defined warm up and stretching routines, which are biomechanically appropriate for masters.

After Valery’s webinar you will have a good understanding of your body movements in the stroke cycle and areas where with careful attention you can row and scull more efficiently

Episode 3 Rigging to optimize 6 performance factors

Mike Purcer is a specialist rigger providing individualized rigging advice for athletes based on his comprehensive video data analysis method. 

Knowing how to rig for your body shape and your power force curve is the culmination of this webinar series. You will have learned from Sander how to collect your power data, Valery will have shown you which efficient movements to use during the stroke and now Mike will guide you towards rigging changes which suit your strength and physique.

Wrapping up our rowing with data series, Mike will show us how he videos a crew and then uses the video to analyze their rowing and sculling in relation to their boat rig. He will showcase how he collects the data he uses to individualize rigging. 

Mike will share his 6 performance factors that influence your rigging and explain what you can do about them. His answers will guide you around the boat rig adjustments which will help you to improve your rowing and sculling boat speeds. 

Recorded webinar and expert advisory articles, videos and resources are included

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PLUS everything is recorded so you can watch again and study for your own rowing practice.

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