Erg Racing

Megan Falcone, Patrick Hamner and Jordan Miser Falcone teach success in erg races, indoor rowing race, CRASH-B ergs.

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Getting ready to do well in the CRASH-B or other indoor rowing race takes specialist knowledge. And Faster Masters Rowing is here to back your quest for the top tips, the best insider advice and know-how.

Shortcut your learning  and get techniques you can use right away in our 1 hour intensive workshop in which we will cover

  • – Training program
  • – Tapering
  • – Erg Technique
  • – Racing Lightweight
  • – Warm Up Routines
  • – Race Plan Choices
  • – Best Racing Start 
  • – Transitioning To Mid Race Pace
  • – Sprint Finish
  • – On The Day Checklist
  • – The unexpected – what to do


You will meet our experts who will share insider tips and advice they have learned the “hard” way.

  • Graham Benton Known as the “erg daddy” Graham is a multiple world and British record holder. Graham started rowing in 2004 and has participated in six world erg racing finals and 12 British finals. In 2012, he set a new British record in the 35-39 heavyweight men’s class at the British Indoor Rowing Championships (5:50.1), a title previously held by Sir Steve Redgrave since 1998. In 2014, he held the British outright record at 5:42.5 
  • – Megan Falcone Megan has a long career of being an athlete and a coach. She has dabbled in CrossFit, rowing, marathon running, Olympic lifting and weight training. Currently, she is a member of MAD Team IRC and the Southeast Storm. Megan trains with the Street Parking endurance crew and occasionally participates in virtual rowing competitions. She was undefeated last season in both the master’s and open women’s categories for the Southeast Storm. 
  • – Patrick Hamner A lightweight rower from Texas with a track record of success.
  • – Jordan Falcone found rowing at CrossFit about 7 years ago and broke her first record in 2015.  Since then she has broken multiple American Records and a few World records in her age group.  Jordan has participated in rowing competitions, both online and in person. She won the Crash-B’s in her age group in 2017 and 2020.  Jordan qualified for the World Urban Games in 2019 and was able to participate in six events over three days against some of the fastest women in the world.  Jordan coaches indoor rowing at CrossFit Weddington and races for MAD Team IRC and the Southeast Storm.
  • – Marlene Royle coach of multiple erg champions and expert program writer for peaking programs that deliver on the day.
  • – Rebecca Caroe is an expert masters rowing coach, and three time rowing entrepreneur. She endeavors to race the erg and is on the Southeast Storm team.


After attending this webinar you will

  1. – Know 3 racing start sequences
  2. – Have a race preparation checklist
  3. – Tactics for your race when you slip off your target split

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  • Race day preparation checklist
  • Video on how to map out a good erg program
  • Jordan Falcone’s warmup sequence
  • Event Recording

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