Individual Annual

This is IDENTICAL to the Individual Monthly Training Program. Except you save $$ buying annually. 12 months for the price of 10.

Designed for masters rowers who race and who train to race.

Inside this program each month

You will get a new training program with these modules

  1. Training program – for 1k or 5k events with 6 sessions per week (3 core sessions and the rest are optional). You choose the program which suits your next race event.
  2. Land training program – strength and conditioning for 1k or 5k events. You choose the program which suits your next race event.
  3. Peak performance – mental skills and mindset techniques for your rowing life.
  4. Technique – for sweep and sculling videos, drills for you to practice – designed to improve your rowing technique.
  5. Rowing lifestyle to age well – articles about how to live well
  6. Bonus – we will surprise you!


“I joined Faster Masters Rowing during lockdown to help me to keep up with rowing. Your output has kept my interest and I have enjoyed what I have followed. My rowing club got back to full operation and I joined with the aim of winning in sculls. Last time I competed and won in 1x was 2002. This has been one of my best seasons. Not only did I win 1x in Masters I (I am 70) at Llandaff Regatta, but also at Hereford, 2x at Evesham, Landaff, Hereford and Stourport. 7 pots in total!” Kent Matthews, Cardiff, UK

NOTE:  All prices are in US$ Dollars.  All prices exclude sales tax, except for purchasers in New Zealand where 15% GST is included in the sale price.