Masters v Juniors

Running a good club that balances the needs of different training groups can be challenging. Too often masters groups come into conflict, and it’s frequently with the juniors group.

Nothing salves the wounds of rowing club conflicts. They are raw, emotional and rarely resolved.

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How to stop the rivalry and build a profitable collaboration

Rowing clubs always have groups with different priorities. This webinar will show you ways to balance their needs, ways to smooth the path each desires and get mutually beneficial outcomes.

More importantly, you will have a framework for running your club into the future.

  • Sporting success (performance) is a byproduct of a viable, functioning club, not the sole focus!
  • “Not for profit” is a tax status, not a management plan
  • Diversification is imperative
  • Most conflicts are due to roles (coach, management, board) not being clearly defined.
  • Everyone must pay their fair share!
  • It’s all about the money! Create a vision for where you want to be in 3 years and let’s figure out the costs and the possible revenue streams to get us there

Dave Dickison – speaker

Led by Dave Dickison who has run rowing clubs for many years. He has figured out (literally) what does not work… so you don’t do it.

Learn from his knowledge and adapt it to your unique situation.

Dave will be sharing his rowing club management spreadsheet which you get to download and use for your own club.

The webinar is live – and will be recorded so you can return over (and over) to refine the detail of what will work for your club.

Tuesday 21st May 2024

  • 5 pm EST New York
  • 2 pm PDT San Francisco
  • 10pm BST London
  • 7 am Sydney, Australia (22nd May)
  • 9 am Auckland, New Zealand (22nd May)

Bonus lessons

Included with the webinar and Dave’s spreadsheet are two bonus lessons. How to set a boat club strategy and four steps to implementing it.

Additionally all attendees can ask questions live, can submit questions in advance using the Support ticket section in the left hand sidebar after logging into Faster Masters Rowing portal.