How will menopause affect your rowing?

Ways to mitigate the effects and strategies to support your body while you pass through the change.

Post-menopause lifestyle & training changes to make for the rest of your rowing life.



Rowing Through Menopause webinar

Menopause starts around age 50 for many women; its physical and mental changes affect your rowing training. Watch 3 expert videos. (total 3.5 hours) to learn how to manage the impact menopause has on your body and what you need to change in your rowing training and recovery.

  • – MEDICAL – What will happen to your body. Managing menopause symptoms using lifestyle and medical interventions
  • – ROWING TRAINING – How to adjust your workouts and recovery as you lose strength due to menopause and aging.
  • – STRENGTH TRAINING – How to counter the natural decrease in muscle strength and size with age. What lifts to do, the movement patterns to get strong and stay strong for the rest of your rowing life.

You will meet

  • Clarissa Kristjansson is a neuroscientist, an internationally known menopause educator and a health coach. She holds recognized qualifications in nutrition, mindfulness and Chinese medicine. She came into menopause coaching through her own experience with anxiety (and a host of other symptoms) that set her on a different path to empower women through this time.
  • – Marlene Royle was among the first rowing coaches dedicated to masters. She coaches masters on the water at Aviron Knowlton Rowing, Craftsbury Sculling Center, and Lemon Bay Crew Club. Marlene founded Roylerow Performance Training Programs in 1999 to coach masters with customized rowing training programs, the first online rowing coaching service. Marlene’s coaching has produced a steady stream of FISA world masters champions.
  • – Tessa VanDerVeeken is a Kinesologist and strength coach with a passion for training rowers specializing in athletes aged over 50. She has extensive experience working with all ages and stages of training, finding complex conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis to be the most fulfilling. Tessa believes a sustainable and successful strength program can be created for anyone, regardless of any potential limitation they have.

Recorded webinar and expert advisory articles, videos and resources.


“It was a terrific way to pass the hour on the erg – watching the webinars. I did thoroughly enjoy the webinars and learned lots, thanks. The rationale around hormones and muscle growth; and ways of training were really helpful and reassuring” Anne H. Australia

Ticket price $39

In the recordings you will get MORE detail from all the experts on HOW to make lifestyle and rowing training changes they recommend for menopause management and lifestyle improvement.

PLUS everything is recorded so you can watch again and study for your own rowing practice.

PLUS bonus content for download

Clarissa Kristjansson – Episode 1 bonuses
  • Episode 1 recording
  • Clarissa Kristjansson’s video on Getting your sleep back on track in menopause – learn practical strategies that work
  • Your sleep diary – tracking what’s happening to you
  • How to manage conversations with medical professionals about your menopause 
  • Link to book a private consultation with Clarissa
  • Discount on Clarissa’s services
Marlene Royle – Episode 2 bonuses
  • Episode 2 recording
  • Marlene Royle’s Athlete fitness testing protocols to enable you to adjust your training to reflect your new physical reality 
  • Sample distribution weekly training sessions – know what types of workout you should be doing
  • Fitness Assessment eBook – Know your training zones so you get the most out of your workouts
  • Video: Marlene and Dr. Connie Lebrun talk about the older female athlete. Connie is expert in Musculoskeletal care and exercise physiology.
  • Video: Marlene and Will Ruth talk about masters strength training. Will is a specialist strength and conditioning trainer for rowing
  • Ebook Will Ruth’s strength training template

Tessa VanDerVeeken – Episode 3 bonuses

  • Tessa’s slides
  • Videos of 4 key strength lifts including progressions

SPECIAL extra Q&A bonus

  • Questions answered – from sleep, strength, tiredness, injuries, hormones, incontinence, over-training, arthritis and more.
  • PLUS once you buy this course, you can ask YOUR question via our support chat.