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Rigging for Masters

If you are ready to upskill yourself with rigging boats and oars….

Then you simply can’t afford to miss this webinar where we are going to show you:

  • – Rigging principles for 1x, crew and club boats 
  • – What hinders masters in terms of rig & what can you adjust
  • – Rigging & factors which influence your stroke length
  • – Oars and rigging numbers for different oar designs


You will meet

  • – Volker Nolte is an internationally acknowledged expert in biomechanics. He has coached Germany, Canada and the University of Western Ontario crews. His research includes coaching and biomechanics of high performance sport and his most recent book is Masters Rowing.
  • – Mike Purcer has over 40 years of coaching experience and has coached at all levels of rowing from novice to National Team crews. Mike is a leader in rigging analysis and his book Rigging has been updated and used by coaches for over thirty years.  He provides individualized rigging advice using video software for tracking racing shells and generating boat speed curves. 
  • – Mike Davenport is an expert rowing coach, specialist rigger and former boatman for US Rowing. His Max Rigging website is the authority resource on rowing and rigging equipment, providing information and guidance to rowing coaches, boatmen, rowers, self-taught individuals, and scullers.

Recorded Webinar

Ticket price $49

In the recording you will get MORE detail from all the experts on HOW to do the rigging changes they recommend for masters.

PLUS everything is recorded so you can watch again and study for your own rowing practice.

PLUS bonus content for download

  • Volker Nolte’s oar rigging chart – learn how to rig your oars correctly based on the oar make and spoon design
  • Mike Purcer – the  Masters Women 1x rigging chart (span, oar length, inboard)
  • Mike Purcer – the  Masters Men 1x rigging chart (span, oar length, inboard)
  • Book review of Masters Rowing by Wolfgang Fritcsh and Volker Nolte
  • Rebecca’s rigging tools list