The Racing Starts Challenge

The Racing Starts Challenge is 6 videos teaching how to perfect your starts. With 3 expert guests: Lesleh Thompson, Adam Kreek & Alix James sharing insider tips, drills, start sequences & checklists alongside Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.

Learn from

  • Lesleh Wright – Olympic Cox 1980 & 1884, Athletic Director Chinook Performance Canadian National Team Coxswain and Olympian 1977-1985.  Co-Founder and Athletic Director and Chief Coxswain at Chinook Performance Racing. Owner of Steeringuwright Rowing Camps and Clinics.

  • Adam Kreek – Olympic 8 2004 & 2008, Ambassador Coach at Oarboard, Executive Business Coach

  • Alix James – Masters athlete, CEO of Nielsen-Kellerman,  7 years of collegiate (Yale) and club experience in my 20’s, then 15 years of experience rowing as a Master with Vesper. LOTS of experience bowing doubles and quads and “coxing” starts as well as doing them myself.

6 Videos

Video 1 covers getting to the start and Strokes 1 and 2.

Video 2 Lesleh Wright shares her race day checklist, maneuvering onto the start pontoons and how to get to the start on time.

Video 3 covers Strokes 3 – 8. Ramping up your stroke rate to full slide.

Video 4 Adam Kreek details Mike Spraklen’s start used by the Beijing Olympic Gold Medal 8 and his personal tips on blade depth at the start.

Video 5 covers transitioning from Stroke 9 onto a sustainable race pace.

Video 6 Alix James details how to use a Speed Coach to decide the optimal rate for your starts.

PLUS bonus content 

  • 12 Exercises for Speedwork and Starts by Faster Masters Rowing
  • Adam Kreek – the Spracklen Method explained
  • The Drills and Workouts in the Spracklen Method
  • Lesleh Wright – The Head of the Charles [PAUSE ROWING] Video;
  • Lesleh’s preferred start sequence
  • Alix James – Using data for your starts
  • How to interpret your data to adapt your start to find the fastest sequence