Picking lineups for racing & training

What are your considerations for selecting the crews and getting the right people into the right seats?


03:20 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing.

06:00 Picking training lineups

What does each crew need? Stroke, bow, designated caller and the 2 seat is your thinker
Where to sit a newcomer in a rowing boat crew.
16:00 Type of practice
Select crews depending on the workout plan
Do race lineups for key races and for practices.

20:00 Ricking race lineups

What are your priorities over the season?
You won’t peak for every regatta
Select your boatings / events which will be priority
Diverse crews when a long way from the peak event.
Do split sessions with 2 crew lineups in one practice.
24:00 Be practical about groups of 2 and 4 athletes.
Group people into 4s and then split them into two doubles. This makes the day structure easier to consider.
28:00 Heats / reps / semifinal and final all in one day is a lot of races
Or are you racing straight finals / divisions?
Know the likely number of races for each event
31:00 Picking crews – loaded /stacked boats we want to race
I don’t advocate picking events based on “weak entries”. Race your strongest crew in the events you want to do.
34:00 As a team boat rower – challenge yourself in a new crew or in a 1x -think of it as a new experience in your rowing life.

Masters racing – considerations when selecting crews
Masters regattas – considerations when choosing crews