Practicing the art of rowing discipline

Rowing is a sport that rewards discipline. Book of the Month | Faster Masters Rowing Radio – the podcast for masters rowers. Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle and Jess DiCarlo.


01:00 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing. 03:05 Jess discussed her book choice

Rowing Through the Barbed Wire Fence – Rima Karaliene.

What it was like rowing in the Eastern Bloc from 1960s. 13:30 Privileges came with the elite sport team membership in Soviet Union.

Discipline in rowing

27:20 We discussed the concept of discipline being connected to a goal to help you make decisions and create good habits.

Book Mental Discipline: The pursuit of peak performance by Mike Livingston

29:00 Rule followers are one type of discipline follower.

30:00 The 80/20 type people mean you are highly likely to be successful. To get the benefits of what you are trying to accomplish with your goals. Regular practice of discipline improves your skills.

33.00 Knowing yourself helps – do you need a team or a training partner?

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