Preparing for the rowing finish

This week our big topic is how to prepare yourself for the finish of the stroke.

Faster Masters Rowing Radio – the podcast for masters rowers. Tips, advice and discussion from Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe.

Timestamps to the show

01:00 This Past Week. Marlene was on the Rowing Podcast round table hosted by Tara Morgan and Rachel Freedman.
Rebecca presented the Domestic Rowing Committee in New Zealand with a report on progress with masters rowing[0]=AZXntUTchZA-vISQD5q246pWgof25fK9uIuOXlw4G2a_nbf2qaldXp_jWGKEWmew3vtGzg19zQR1l4pMiBRrrJOSnyP81fMDW6pFbWHL4RaEktOn_ar85DLmNEXZsxPUW5gpaZ-yiECmB8xnti1GKDP6yNJ-5UkP5K0bDcgoi-qFCEGmCxaOn8hFwfS5KuIMkxs&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
13:00 Functional Movement Assessment Webinar date and link to get tickets
17:00 Ways to focus on bow steering without your sculling going to pot. Rebecca advises focus on one job at a time. Row or steer – don’t try to do both at once.
Do you look around every 10 strokes – no I don’t and here’s why.
33:00 Tidal waters are hard to steer because objects move around.
40:00 Preparing for the finish or release

– this is a critical instant. When the entry and release timings are imprecise you have issues. We don’t want the boat to know when the blade goes in and out.
42:00 Start to prepare at crossover when sculling or the blade is perpendicular to the boat in sweep. The boat is increasing speed. Focus on keeping pressure on the blade until the release.
Exercise – crossover elbow bend. Apply work into the blade pressure out to the tip. Instead of pulling into the body, this prevents the blade slipping in the last third of the drive.
46:00 As the boat speed goes up the release goes closer to your knees. Quote from Dick Dreisiggaker
50:00 Focus the work into the pin. The first two thirds of the stroke is bow side of the pin. At square off the blade is stern side of the pin. You have to make the transition to maintain it. Use your elbows to maintain the pressure on the tip.