Replacing scull grips

How to put new grips on your sculls. Possibly the bit of boat maintenance most likely to make you laugh out loud.

Discussion on capsizing in cold weather.


05:28 This Past Week – what we do to advocate for masters rowing.
Facebook discussion on capsizing in cold weather
The discussion about capsizing from your single – the rule of thumb when air + water temperature adds up to less than 90 degrees Farenheit.
Straddle and Paddle technique advocated by Carl Douglas

10:00 The re-entry exercise. If you don’t get back in your boat the first time your chances of succeeding the second time go down considerably. The key is getting the first kick to get your hips above the boat.
12:00 Getting back on the water. Marlene’s checklist of safety items.
15:00 the Windy app recommended by Guin Batten

18:30 How to put new grips on your sculls.

Four failsafe methods worth trying.
Ebook written by Rebecca costs $2 and shows you how to do it.
29:00 Dynamic warm ups in the boathouse
This is not for stretching and flexibility – do that after your workout. Dynamic warmups increase blood flow and raise your body temperature.
Flex and extend your ankles – start here and work up the body. No equipment is needed.
1 minute of hopping will compress your discs and help maintain your bone density.
Thixotropic muscle tissue.