Rigging basics for club rowing boats

four women in red rowing boat, holding onto dock pontoon, green river

What rig should masters rowing boats and oars use? How can clubs set up their equipment to suit as wide a range of athletes as possible?


00:45 I got a pair of mis-matched sculls and so I’m on a rant…. this is easy to improve. Comfort in the boat and ease of use are the most important for rigging club boats. All clubs should have standardised rig across the boat fleet.

02:00 Rigging basics

Your rig enables you to move the boat in comfort – your torso and legs. Be able to sit comfortably at the boat in the finish. Look for your shins not hitting the deck, hold the oar so forearm at the same height as the oar shaft and at the catch that you can get your hips through the work – at least hips level with the face of the gate. [If you don’t know what this is, buy our Sculling Intensive course and learn how to find work through the pin and ways to adjust to suit your needs.]

03:30 Oarlock height and forearm height are related It’s important that your forearms are level with or above the shaft and the oar handle. Otherwise you cannot get weight into the hands as you press the handle down.

04:20 Standardise the boat rig

Sculling spread of 159 or 160 cm; seat to heel measurement of 16-18 cm; oars /sculls 286 cm long and 87 cm inboard, maybe longer oars for men or younger athletes. Note the inboards are the same because men/women use the same boats.

Sweep rigging span of 84 cm; seat to heel 16-18cm. Oars 370 – 373 cm long. Inboards standardise from 114 for an eight down to 117 for a pair.

Put tape on the oars with measurements e.g. 370:114 so it’s easy to see what the oar is supposed to be set at.

07:00 Enable quick adjustments for club members

Height spacer washers – put one above and one below the oarlock/gate on every boat. So the oarlock sits at the midpoint above the oarlock to saxboard sill height. So you can easily see if the heights have been moved.

08:20 Shoes with adjustable sizes – we bought ours from Ankaa with velcro adjustment around the heels. Also home-made velcro instep straps for ladies to use larger shoes are cheap to make.

09:20 Spacer Placer tool – if you want the lanyard when you buy it, mention Faster Masters Rowing. Buy from Revolution Rowing

10:00 Oar designs for easy adjustment include Croker’s clamp on the button to release and reset the position without needing a screwdriver and tools. Give your rowers autonomy so they can adjust the boat and oars to make them comfortable for their needs.

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