Rowing and Death

When our rowing friends or coaches die, what can we do? We discuss ways to memorialise rowers. And what we can do to support and celebrate with rowers facing end of life.


02:00 Rowing and death. Iconic coaches are passing away. Makes you think about who influenced you and who you worked with.

03:30 Ways to Memorialise people.

  • Write articles – their teaching.
  • Tell stories about them.
  • Set up a scholarship – Craftsbury has one for Larry Gluckman
  • Harry Mahon website of his coaching methods as a learning resource.

07:30 Frank Cunningham from Lake Washington RC published a book comprising all his newsletter articles.

End of Life

14:00 Rowers facing end of Life

Supporting sick rowers – we did a weekly quad outing which was gentle. Marlene’s friend wanted to enjoy time on the water after a cancer diagnosis.

Keep line of sight in singles for safety. And wait for each other during the row. People enjoy having something to look forward to each week.

18.30 Keep active as rowing makes you stronger, physically. Psychological benefits – you are with friends, out in nature, on the water. Adapt your boat to suit their needs.

20 00 Cyclical sports are healing sports – calming effect on the nervous system. Pay attention to the small things as time becomes more precious.

We talk about coping with the death of rowing friends and coaches
End of life and enjoying rowing.

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