Rowing Body Sequence

Troubleshooting – body sequencing for rowing and sculling.

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03:00 This past week – Learn to row classes; Peer to Peer Coaching Clinics and new masters at Knowlton Rowing Club
08:00 Gardening and rowing – over use injuries.
12:00 Troubleshooting body sequencing. Video first so you know what you’re doing
13:00 The recovery – know the sequence you want. Arms – body – slide.
Feeling unstable when putting the blades in the water.
Setting the body angle – twice or once?
Moving up the slide “like an accordion”
17:00 The power phase – the sequence is legs – back – arms.
Only use each body part once per stroke.
Drills to emphasise the sequence – Legs only rowing; legs and backs; legs back and arms. Then blend them together.
24:00 Legs only drill. Blades on the water reinforces the horizontal power – level handles.
Mark the blade shaft 40 cms up from where the blade joins the shaft. Use white tape and use this as a marker to ensure the blade isn’t too deep.
29:00 Blade depth while stationary – check it.
The slope of the oars to the water matters and is affected by boat depth in the water.
40:00 Finish at the xiphoid process – demonstrates the oarlocks are set at the correct height.