Rowing drills for the entry

Back after our holiday break, Marlene and Rebecca discuss this week’s masters rowing news, We talk about Listener questions and the Fall Racing Season Program. Buy a question / answer


02:00 Ian Perkins asks I have recently been getting feedback that I’m opening my body early at the catch.
Check the muscle sequencing on the drive phase. Bring the handle with you as you initiate the drive. “Drive the knees away from the chest which is different from lifting the chest away from the knees.”
06:00 The legs only rowing drill
10:00 Andres Carazo asks about Training for Head Races. What would be the best way to start the program should I wait til next Month to start, or should I just go ahead and start with the head race module mid-month?
15:00 Rowers versus Oarsmen article
Bend a Rowing movie by Daniel Pallotta. Watch the trailer
16:00 process-oriented athletes and goal oriented athletes. Has Covid thrown you off schedule?
19:00 get ANY race practice it will help you.
HOCR remote race announced
22:00 Drills for the entry. practice sitting at the top of th slide and get comfortable there.
25:00 The “Catch” drill to help to bury the blade before initiating the drive.