Rowing drills – when and why to use

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Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe discuss drills as part of rowing practice for masters rowers.


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06:50 Carol Daley’s question I’d  like to  hear  Marlene Royle, Rowing Coach discuss  a  little  more  in  depth  about  inboard  and  its relationship  to  rigging.
Goal of rigging is to have a longer stroke / time in the water.
Effective stroke length incorporates physiological comfort.
16:00 changes in rigging should not create pain or aches 2-3 days after you make the change.

The role of drills for learning rowing technique

    • What is the role of drills?
      • To perfect an element of the stroke cycle
      • To develop coordination by isolating a movement
      • To focus the attention of the athlete on learning a new motion
      • To provide technical challenge
    • How to use drills
      • To correct a flawed sequence
      • To blend a new element into the stroke cycle
      • To help a crew develop symmetrical patterns and sequences at various rates
      • To solidify technique at race pace
    • When to do drills in a practice
      • When attention and physical power are high, prior to fatigue i.e as part of warm up or at start of session
      • Incorporating drills into a technical session, give examples 4’ Cat VI 1’ drills, short sets of 5 stroke of a drill then back to regular rowing
      • During a rest period

22:00 New to the 1x tip is get a good posture in the boat – get a correct placement and correct extraction of the oars. Get your own oars allows for customisation of rigging.
27:00 When to incorporate drills into your practice. The role of drills. Drills for crews are about blending timing and rhythm. Early in the session your attention is at a peak.
31:00 The push and pull drill.


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