Rowing emergency stops

Marlene Royle and Rebecca Caroe discuss

  • making an emergency stop in a rowing boat
  • how to do a standing entry into a boat from the dock
  • rowing with sweaty hands in warm weather

Timestamps to the show

02:20 Staying on your program during weird times. If you abandon your rowing training program the spiral down happens quickly. Keep your long term goals, and view rowing as a process.
07:00 Dealing with goose poo on your dock or pontoon – how to repel swans and ducks
10:50 Emergency stops – how to do them and how to avoid having to make thememergency stop rowing
14:30 Look around to avoid having to stop. Call out to other water users as a precaution.
18:00 Traffic patterns and circulation rules for your local water for public access.
23:00 Rowing with sweaty hands in hot weather
27:00 How to do a standing entry into a boat from the dock
34:00 Last week’s exercise – feedback

The  image is taken from a popular rowing ‘fail’ video on YouTube called ‘St Ignatius Stop Rowing’.